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  • Waltzing With Daises

    Waltzing With Daises

    From $45

  • Kisses


    From $45

  • A Little Caribbean

    A Little Caribbean

    From $45

  • Birthday Brilliance

    Birthday Brilliance

    From $50

  • Dare To Wish

    Dare To Wish

    From $50

  • Cuddles


    From $50

  • Lilac Surprise

    Lilac Surprise

    From $50

  • Festive Fun

    Festive Fun

    From $55

  • Lush Purples

    Lush Purples

    From $60

  • Fifth Avenue

    Fifth Avenue

    From $69

  • Designers Delight

    Designers Delight

    From $70

  • It's A Kind Of Magic

    It's A Kind Of Magic

    From $70



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At Last, Same Day Flowers from Lily’s Florist Oceanside

In a bold new world of opportunities, Lily’s Oceanside Florist doesn’t do what they think they can do, they know what they should do, and they do it – that’s the way they like it!

Their skills are fine-tuned and specific. They are specialists, not generalists. And they can create experiences to elevate your happiness or that of your loved one.

Also, they are creative superheroes! At least, they think they are, because they’re crazy about their work. So much so that it pushes them to do better every day. Essentially, every project created for you, the client, is an individual attempt to meet your specific requirements, while maintaining the highest quality of the finished product.

Lily’s Florist Oceanside dislikes mediocrity and boredom, so they strive to give you the best. They love what they do because every floral gift is made with engagement and passion.

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Lily’s Florist Oceanside is a platform of delivery florists.  

Would you believe there is a wonderful experience in accepting a bouquet of flowers?

Lily’s Florist Oceanside is where you will discover professional florists with expressions and experiences made to order for you. They are able to create a special identity in each bouquet, and as always it’s done with a relentless pursuit of innovation. They work closely with their customers, knowing collaboration is a must.

Now, it has to be told here and now, that magnificent customer service and loyalty that they just so happen to have heaps of, does not come out of nowhere. Lily’s Florist Oceanside are a loving and crack team, creating producing exceptional, awesomely flower gifts that they wanted for themselves. It has reached a point where we are more a florist and flower delivery expert in Oceanside… it is a mindset.

Even as Lily’s Florist Oceanside grows, there is one small thing we wish for, and must be to keep up that personal touch. Endeavoring to dispel the  look that Lily’s Oceanside Florist appears like a very large mass produced florist, we attempt to be as ‘see-through’ as possible, with a zealous staff creating ideas and experiences and products that make open-minded florists prosper.

Lily’s Florist Oceanside are here to give you all the help you need, knowing that endeavoring to pass on your innermost feelings can be a little difficult at times. However, their friendly staff will be with you all the way.

And would you believe, it is ever so easy to check out their floral bouquets section where you will gain real value-for-money ideas on floral gifts.

Could this be another reason why their flower sales have gone up by 40%? By signing up to their online weekly email newsletter, you have a perfect opportunity to purchase inexpensive floral gifts that come up on special each week. This is exclusive to subscribers and customers.

Another reason for that “Wow” factor, could be at Lily’s Florist Oceanside, they hand-select the season’s best blooms, fresh from local growers and interstate markets to make sure an extended vase life. Lily’s Florist Oceanside draws inspiration from interior and fashion design, with personnel frequently travelling to the major flower markets of the world for the latest trends.

Discover Oceanside, California

Positioned on the Pacific Coast, Oceanside is literally named because of its locality.

This coastal city is located on the south coast of California. Being the third most populated city in San Diego County, the city, as at the 2010 census, had a population of 167,086. Oceanside is situated a little south of the Marine Corps Base Camp, Pendleton.

The history of Oceanside commences in the successful farming region of the San Luis Rey Valley, which was initially discovered in 1769 by Portola, the Spanish Explorer, followed in 1798 by the establishment of the Mission San Luis Rey de Francia.

With its huge cattle raising activities and fruit orchards, the Mission contained a large populace of Native Americans. These American Indians at the Mission were named "San Luisenos" by the Franciscans, but later condensed to "Luisenos."  The Native Americans were heavily involved in constructing the Mission compound by providing the labor. When accomplished, Mission San Luis Rey was the largest structure in California and was the most affluent of the missions, receiving the name “King of the Missions.”

In 1834, all the Mission assets were appropriated by the then governor of California, Pio Pico, and later sold. During this time, the Mission structures fell into disrepair and became ruins. Father Joseph Jeremiah O'Keefe arrived to restore the Mission in 1893 and by 1912, when he retired, renovation in the main was complete, nonetheless, it is still current today.

In the early 1870's, a township was established west of the Mission known as San Luis Rey, and was mainly occupied by a collection of English colonists. By 1884, the town had stores, a post office, a hotel and a weekly newspaper.

The United States Government in 1881, directed an assessment of the Southern Pacific slope, and in 1882, a rail line was positioned from Los Angeles to San Diego through Temecula, Colton, Fallbrook and along the coast. 

In 1883, Andrew Jackson Myers was allocated 160 acres and Cave J. Couts, Jr. charted the site of the town, while J. Chauncey Hayes sold town plots. Myers is recognized as the forefather of Oceanside because he possessed the initial land and said to have erected the first house.

J. Chauncey Hayes was the Justice of Peace, the real estate agent and the editor of his own newspaper. When he acquired the request for the original post office, the name "Ocean Side" was used, but was later changed to "Oceanside."

The Bank of Oceanside was built on the corner of Second (Mission Avenue) and Hill Streets by 1887, and also an impressive hotel called the South Pacific, which was situated on Pacific and Third Streets.

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